New Trail Cameras, Treestands, Clothing and Accessories from the 2014 ATA Show

1 | First Lite

You’ve read about First Lite on in the past. This company is best known for their outstanding Merino wool base layers, but they’ve added some outter layers to the lineup this year that really impressed us. Atop the list was the Sanctuary Treestand jacket. Inside the show room, it’ll make you break a near immediate sweat. Outside, especially on a cold day like today, it has many features to be desired, including cuffed sleeves, a waterproof/windproof design, and numerous interior hand warmer pockets. Price is $350. 

2 | Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly Coolers are high-end products, made in the U.S.A., and they come with a lifetime warranty. The handles are molded in, as are two rigid tie-down slots that allow use of a 2-inch ratchet strap (but still allow the cooler lid to be opened). The newest Grizzly 40 is available in Realtree’s all-new Max-5 camo pattern and retails for $390. 

3 | Hot Shot

Hot Shot is one of the oldest release aid companies on the market. But their brand-new handheld release, called the Hot Shot Vapor, caught our eye. This is a high-quality release made for the bowhunter looking to switch to a thumb-tension release without spending a small fortune. The trigger weight is adjustable from 1/2 ounce to several pounds. The release sports an available Realtree Xtra finish, a lifetime warranty and a retail price of just $119. 

4 | Clean Shot Archery

Some of the best bowhunting ideas are also the simplest. Lock-N-Load inserts from Clean Shot Archery are available for micro-diameter shafts, including Easton Injexions. In the past, Injexion shafts required the use of Deep Six inserts, and only a select few broadheads were made to fit them. The new Lock-N-Load inserts pop into place without glue and allow you to use standard broadheads. They sell for $13 for a pack of six. 

5 | Moultrie

This 8 MP camera is another addition to the Panoramic line introduced by Moultrie last year. Powered by six C-cell batteries that Moultrie claims will last for 9,000 shots, the 150i sports a 70-foot trigger distance, no-glow flash, video and time-lapse capability. It sells for a reasonable $259, too. 

6 | Rocky Boots

The Game Changer boots by Rocky Boots are a new take on rubber knee boots. For starters, they’re not made of rubber at all, but of Polyether. What this means to you is that the boots are incredibly lightweight (1.3 pounds), and they’re fitted for reduced bulk. They’re available in an insulted pair, rated to -40 degrees, and a non-insulted pair rated to -10 degrees. A new pair of Game Changer boots will run you $200. 

7 | Summit Stands

Summit Stands has a collection of new lock-on stands for 2014, but one of our favorites was the Peak, a massive lock-on that, while a bit heavy at 22 pounds, isn’t unbearable, and is tailor-made for “bigger dudes” or anyone looking for a comfortable, roomy stand for an all-day sit. The Peak sells for $129.

8 | Tink's

Ever had deer pee freeze up on you when it’s cold? Yeah, must be a Yankee thing … but, we can definitely see how a frozen scent wick bottle could create problems. For that, Tink’s has introduced a No-Freeze version of their classic Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure. What do they add to the pee to keep it from freezing? There are some questions best left unasked. Tink’s also released two new “flavors” of its popular Hot Shot product line – Cow Elk Estrous, Persimmon and Turnip Greens.

9 | Buckwear

The Buckwear Full Camo Buck Hunter Hoodie shows off your hunting lifestyle while keeping you warm and toasty on chilly days. This Realtree camo hoodie features high-visibility orange accents in the artwork, hood, pockets and drawstring. This heavy-weight, 9-ounce hoodie is made of 100 percent cotton for all-day comfort and wearability, and is priced at $49.99. 

10 | Webers Leather Slippers

Soft and supple, the Webers Realtree AP Camo Leather Slippers are made with sheepskin shearing and Realtree AP camo leather. These slippers are perfect for cold cabin floors, taking the dog out or relaxing in the easy chair. Available in men’s sizes 4-13 and women’s 6-15. Price is $69.99.

11 | ThermaCELL

The ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Flameless Torch promises complete yard defense in a stylish design. Simply place the stakeable torches around your backyard or outdoor event to establish a protective barrier that keeps mosquitoes away and creates a perfect party atmosphere. The torch easily converts to a table-top lantern and the removable cover allows the torch to be kept outside when not in use. Price is $39.99. 

12 | Rinehart Targets

The new flagship Rinehart Targets Booner Buck target utilizes Renehart’s FX foam technology for a new standard in both realism and durability. The Booner Buck’s insert is 100 percent Rinehart Signature Series high-density foam to ensure it will survive the punishment produced by the serious bowhunter (height is 58 inches; length is 45 inches). Price is $299. 

13 | SKB Roto Crossbow Case

Measuring 40 inches long, 30 inches wide and 11 inches deep, the SKB Roto Crossbow Case 25KK-RCC is designed to fit most reverse limb and parallel limb designed crossbows. The two-piece nesting design allows for economical shipping and compact storage. The case is ATA approved for airline travel with two TSA lockable buckle latches. The wheels and handle provide for easy towing. Price is $389.99. 

14 | Hunter's Specialties

Hunter’s Specialties introduces Scent-A-Way Odor Control Silver Technology, which is now available in a new Realtree Xtra Spandex Beanie Cap, Spandex Balaclava, Spandex ¾ Face Mask and Spandex Neck Gaiter/Half Mask. The silver odor-control technology inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria. The silver fibers are actually bonded into the material and last the lifetime of the garment, while the breathable spandex wicks away moisture. Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99.

15 | Hunter Safety System

Hunter Safety System started as a company offering one style of fall restraint. Today, HSS has a full lineup of safety harnesses designed to fit just about every size and shape of hunter. HHS unveiled several new additions to its lineup at the ATA Show, including the Ultra-Lite Flex and the Contour. The Ultra-Lite Flex features a shell of padded hexagons that help the vest to stretch and conform to a hunter’s body. The unit features a new 1.25-inch shock-absorbing tether and quick-release metal buckles. It comes in black or Realtree Xtra. The Contour is a vest-style safety harness designed specifically for female hunters. Trimmed in turquoise and featuring Realtree Xtra, the Contour is a fashionable vest with plenty of function. 

16 | Hawk

Here’s a name you’ll want to remember if you’re a bowhunter: Hawk. The Michigan-based company is a new treestand and accessory manufacturer that raised a lot of eyebrows with its inaugural lineup. How about a treestand that features a generous 21- by 27-inch platform and a memory foam seat that will retail for less than $120? And it’s made of aluminum, weighing in at just 10 pounds. Hawk’s “base” hang-on stand is 15.7 pounds with a 21- by 27-inch platform and will sell for less than $80. Hawk also offers five different types of climbing sticks, including a 3-pack of aluminum sticks with folding steps that will sell for less than $100. The Warbird climber looks very impressive as does its price tag -- $270. Hawk also unveiled a ton of cool treestand accessories ranging from “tactical” tree hooks to hoist lines that are flexible and allow you to secure gear simply by twisting the line around.