The Bowcast Ladies Shoot


1 | Pretty in Pink

Lady archers from all over the country gathered in Snowbird, Utah, earlier this month for the Bowcast at the Bird event. The Ladies Social Shoot was a special event just for the girls. 

2 | At the Starting Line

A few ladies gather near the starting line just before the shoot begins. Nearly 30 female shooters from Utah, Oregon, Wisconsin, California, Kentucky (and maybe more) participated in the shoot. Most of them were avid bowhunters with critters ranging from whitetails, hogs and turkeys to mule deer, elk and black bears to their credit.

3 | Carrie Z

Carrie Zylka (best known as Carrie Z), who spearheaded the Ladies Shoot, takes aim at a distant target. 

4 | Rugged Terrain

This shoot took place at around 8,000 feet on a rugged mountainside above Snowbird Resort. There were 20 targets that ranged from gophers at 20 yards to alligators at 60. 

5 | Squaring Up

Pink fletchings abound in a shoot like this…but closer inspection on many arrows revealed some old blood stains, too. 

6 | Javelina from Hell

The javelina from Hell. This petite porker was tucked into some brush about 30 yards from the shooting station and offered only a small target window. Many broken-arrow memories were made here. 

7 | Water Break

The ladies stop for a water break after shooting the front 10 targets. The camera dudes in the background have graciously agreed to tag along.

8 | Caution Sign

A few of these signs were necessary to keep errant hikers on the designated trails -- and away from errant arrows. 

9 | Katy Prara

Katy Prara pulls her arrow from a whitetail target. At age 15, Katy was the youngest shooter in the event. 

10 | Shannon Salyer

Nikon’s Shannon Salyer searches for a lost arrow.

11 | Gator Target

The final target of the course was also among the toughest. At nearly 60 yards away, this alligator didn’t offer much room for aiming error. But this group of four managed three hits.

12 | Dead Gator Target

(From left) Shannon Salyer, Michelle Brantley, Kelly Hamlyn and Katy Prara with the now-dead gator target—and a little last-minute adjustment to their arrow group.