Bear Unleashes Realtree Carnage Compound

COLUMBUS, GA -- Speed, power, smoothness and efficiency are what make the Bear Carnage the Perfect Killer. The Realtree APG Carnage is the fastest, smoothest and most efficient compound bow Bear Archery Products has introduced to date.

The new Skeleton Cam and Idler Wheel featured on this camo compound bow is Bear's latest engineering marvel. Machined from 7075 aluminum, this cam's framework has been pushed to the limits to achieve perfection. Less mass weight and a meticulously positioned Tungsten Carbide perimeter weight create a fast, smooth and efficient single cam.

The Carnage's E-Cam, also featured on the Attack, Assault and Mauler, transfers all available energy to the arrow for maximum kinetic energy downrange. And what makes it so smooth? The E-cam rotates effortlessly on two sealed ball bearings, while Bear's proven asymmetric power track further decreases friction during draw and increases cable life.

The 8 sealed ball bearings housed in the new 4x4 Roller Guard give the bowhunter the smoothest draw cycle - decreasing friction while achieving the maximum amount of efficiency. A new longer and more "skeletal" design results in a more balanced and forgiving bow that improves your aim and increases accuracy. Bear's pivoting limb cups maintain a tight limb-to-cup-to-riser fit, regardless of draw weight adjustment.

The ultra-tough Max Pre-Load Limbs give you maximum power without the bow stacking up during draw. It's where speed, ultra-efficiency and smooth meet up. And, at 80% let-off, it's perfect.

SPEED (IBO): up to 345 fps
WEIGHT: 4lbs.