Exploding BLOCK Target!

SUPERIOR, Wisconsin -With all of the photo- and video-manipulation capabilities available today, it is hard to tell what's real and what's been "shopped" to look real. So when the new commercial for the BLOCK BLACK archery targets shows jet fighters, helicopters and tanks destroying the new BLOCK BLACK targets, how'd they do it?

To make the "How Tough Is The New BLOCK BLACK?" commercials, the company employed a Hollywood pyrotechnics company and filmed dozens of live explosions for two straight days. While the tanks, helicopters and jet fighters are from stock film footage, there was a little Hollywood magic utilized in the live firing of the rockets and rocket flares followed by high-explosive detonations of BLOCK targets caught on tape. That part was all real.

"Sure we probably could have created the commercials using computer technology; however, we wanted complete realism in the explosions, just like the time-lapse video clips that show hundreds of arrows being shot into our targets," said Mike Weinkauf, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. "Those rockets and explosions aren't video tricks or gimmicks. It is 100-percent real. We actually blew up the targets with high explosives and other pyrotechnics."

This and the other award-winning BLOCK target commercials can be viewed on the newly updated website, www.blocktargets.com.