Gar-Zilla Caught In Mississippi

Robert Belk said it repeatedly, making sure he was understood.

"This was a team effort," the Vicksburg firefighter said Friday. "It took all three of us. We all had roles to play with this fish."

One look at the creature and you can understand the need: The alligator gar is 7 feet, 2 inches long and weighs 234 pounds.

Belk, with fellow firefighter Randy Rippy and son Talor Belk, 11, took it at 1 p.m. Friday on a bow fishing trip on the Yazoo River near Vicksburg, but the story starts the day before.

"We had gone bass fishing on the Yazoo on Thursday and we came across this runout that was loaded up with a bunch of big longnose gar," the elder Belk said. "We're all avid bow fishermen and when we saw all those gar, well, we knew what we were going to be doing on Friday."

Leaving rods and reels at home, the trio instead loaded Rippy's 16-foot boat rigged for bow fishing with their fishing bows.

Belk, a former president of the Mississippi Bowfishing Club, said they found the gar in the same hole.

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