15-Yard Files: Monster Iowa 8-Pointer at Midday

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap
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Episode 4 of The 15-Yard Files takes a break from the elk woods in favor of a deer stand in Iowa. Annetta Morris with Hazel Creek settles in to a less-than-comfortable thorn tree that just happens to be growing in the ideal ambush location where big bucks have been seen chasing does. The odds seem against her. It's 80 degrees. The deer aren't moving much. But Annetta sticks with it, and at high noon, is rewarded with an opportunity at an 8-pointer that may be one of the biggest 8s ever shown on Realtree.com. Cally follows up with detailed tips that made this hunt a success.

Be a better hunter when big critters are in close. That's what The 15-Yard Files is all about.

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