Al Kraus: Helping Bowhunting By Helping Others


Al Kraus is the owner of Black Hills Archery in Rapid City, South Dakota. Being an avid bowhunter and successful business owner, it leaves little time for much else. But, Al has made time for the youth of the Black Hills area to have a place to come shoot and compete.

On Saturdays, during the winter months, Al Kraus shuts down Black Hills Archery to customers and opens it up to teach. Al dedicates his time to put kids above profits and mentors them on his days off. Through archery, lives have been changed, even saved, as Al gives kids in South Dakota another shot at life.

Many would say that his greatest accomplishments are the kids that go on to be successful -- archers like Sadie Tesh who competed in the Worlds Cup Archery Tournament in Nimes, France. But Al would tell you that his greatest successes are the lives that have been changed by his program and all the kids who have developed a love for the sport he too cherishes. Here's his story.

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