The 15-Yard Files: The Quartering-to Shot

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

In the second episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris is behind the bow on another Colorado elk hunt. Minutes after setting up, a young bull comes in to the calling, and Cally is caught in a stare-down only a few steps away. But soon enough, the herd bull commits, and Cally finds himself at full draw as the bull steps into the open 10 steps away. Trouble is, the bull is quartering toward him.

The quartering-to shot is controversial, no doubt about that. And doubly so on a big, heavy animal like an elk. But as you'll see in this video, the shot is deadly when done right. Cally places the arrow right at the crease between the bull's shoulder and neck, and the animal is dead within seconds. As always, the goal of The 15-Yard Files is to make you a more successful hunter when animals are in close. Part of that means knowing where to aim when the shot angle isn't perfect.

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