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Bowfishing Show: Flying Fish Sticks

Travis "T-Bone" Turner loves fish sticks. And bowfishing. Why not combine both into one? That's exactly what T-Bone does on this week's installment of the Bowfishing Show. Turner and a boatload of bow-wielding anglers are on the hunt for Asian carp and they find no shortage of targets. The environment...

Bowfishing Show: Straight-Up Rays

There's no messing around in this episode of the Bowfishing Show. No banter. No unnecessary clutter. Just four minutes of straight-up stingray action with Travis "T-Bone" Turner and his crew. Be sure to check out previous episodes from this season as well. 1 Million Silver Carp Grass Carp Chasin'

Bowfishing Show: Grass Carp Chasin'

Tommy Woods unloads the Realtree Air Ranger and hits the backwaters in search of grass carp on Lake Guntersville in the second episode of the 2014 season of Realtree's Bowfishing Show. The action is fast and furious even if the weather is less than ideal. The end result is a...

Bowfishing Show: 1 Million Silver Carp

Will Brantley, Editor of, heads to the Cumberland River with buddy Will Robey and his son Gabe in this episode of the Bowfishing Show. A recent dieoff of silver carp was reported to have resulted in the loss of some 500,000 of the invasive fish. Would the loss of...

The Bowfishing Show: It's Back.

Here we go again. Last summer, the crew unveiled The Bowfishing Show. It was one of those classic projects designed to serve a dual purpose. We wanted to shed some light on one of the fastest-growing aspects of bowhunting. And, perhaps most importantly, we wanted to provide ourselves with...

15-Yard Files: Using Mock Scrapes During the Rut

In the final Fall 2013 episode of The 15-Yard Files, Cally Morris is bowhunting with his buddy Paul Bogart during the early part of the Missouri Rut. And he has a few tricks up his sleeve to pull a big buck to within bow range. In this episode, you'll learn:...

15-Yard Files: Aggressive Strategies Pull in 190-inch Buck

You read about aggressive deer hunting strategies all the time. In this episode of The 15-Yard Files, you'll get to see them in action. Host Cally Morris is in a treestand in Iowa using everything at his disposal -- rattling horns, grunt calls, doe bleats, snort-wheezing and decoys -- to...

15-Yard Files: Monster Iowa 8-Pointer at Midday

Episode 4 of The 15-Yard Files takes a break from the elk woods in favor of a deer stand in Iowa. Annetta Morris with Hazel Creek settles in to a less-than-comfortable thorn tree that just happens to be growing in the ideal ambush location where big bucks have been seen...

T-Bone's Tips: Proper Release Length

Travis "T-Bone" Turner knows a thing or two about putting an arrow on target. And one of his keys is the proper length of your release. T-Bone recommends having the release positioned so that you're able to get a solid, 90-degree angle on your finger. In this video, he shows...

The 15-Yard Files: Close-Range Mistakes

Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy and host of Realtree's 15 Yard Files, is fond of repeating this lesson: "A guy saves up for two or three years to take the big game hunt of a lifetime. He practices with his bow, reads up in the magazines, and feels...

The 15-Yard Files: The Quartering-to Shot

The quartering-to shot is controversial, no doubt about that. And doubly so on a big, heavy animal like an elk. But as you'll see in this video, the shot is deadly when done right.

T-Bone's Tips: More Fun With String Wax

Travis "T-Bone" Turner shares another great tip for setting up your bow and, yes, it again involves string wax. When trying to tighten steel screws against aluminum components, it can be difficult to get things ultra-tight. And, of course, there's always the risk of those steel screws and bolts gathering...

The 15-Yard Files: Big Bull at 10 Steps

Welcome to the first episode of The 15-Yard Files. The focus of this show, as the name suggests, is all about getting close to big game animals, from bull elk to whitetails to gobbling turkeys, and closing the deal.

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Broadhead For Your Crossbow

Are you a crossbow hunter? Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers advice on choosing a broadhead for your crossbow. With the speeds generated by crossbows, choosing the proper style of broadhead is critical to consistent and accurate arrow flight. T-Bone recommends a mechanical head. Check out the video to find out why.

Sneak Peak: The 15-Yard Files

Killing a big buck or bull elk from 200 yards is one thing. Killing one from spitting distance is quite another. The 15-Yard Files,'s newest online video series, is all about getting close. Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy , uses in your face hunts for monster bulls...

T-Bone's Tips: His Favorite Bow Ever.

Travis "T-Bone" Turner reveals his favorite bow of all time. Can you guess which it is?

T-Bone's Tips: How To Choose A Stabilizer

Ever wondered what stabilizer you should use on your bow for bowhunting? Travis "T-Bone" Turner shares his thoughts on the matter. A stabilizer can help reduce felt vibration, improve the balance of your bow and helps improve accuracy.

T-Bone's Tips: Keep Those Points Tight

Is there anything more annoying than field points that won't stay tight for more than a shot or two? Travis "T-Bone" Turner has a solution that's easy, cheap and effective. Use a dab of string wax on the threads of the points. It'll not only keep them from rattling loose,...

The Bowfishing Show: Logan Martin With Stephanie blogger Stephanie Mallory gathers RealBlog material during a trip to Logan Martin in Alabama with Travis "T-Bone" Turner. Check out the rest of The Bowfishing Show Episodes: Bigheads: Chasing bighead carp on Kentucky Lake. Giant Gator Gar: Tommy Woods and the Realtree-clad airboat nail a giant.

T-Bone's Tips: Speed vs. Momentum

Speed or Momentum? What should you strive for when setting up your bowhunting rig? T-Bone offers some thoughts on the matter.