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T-Bone's Tips: Speed vs. Momentum

Speed or Momentum? What should you strive for when setting up your bowhunting rig? T-Bone offers some thoughts on the matter.

Bowfishing Show: Bigheads.

Will Brantley and his wife, Michelle, are after bighead carp in this episode of the Bowfishing Show. And, once again, Michelle shows Will how it's done. Check out the full season of's Bowfishing Show: Giant Gator Gar: Tommy Woods and the Realtree-clad airboat nail a giant.

Bowfishing Show: Giant Gator Gar

Tommy Woods and the Realtree-rigged Air Ranger are back in action. This time they're headed to Louisiana for giant gator gar. Check out the entire season of The Bowfishing Show. Silver Foxes. Michelle Brantley and Brita Lewis on a silver carp shoot below Barkley Dam. State Record Gar? On the...

Bowfishing Show: Silver Foxes

Michelle Brantley, wife of Editor Will Brantley, and Brita Lewis, one of the brains behind from Gray Loon Marketing Group, tear up the fish below Barkley Dam. Be sure to check out previous episodes of the Bowfishing Show here: State Record Gar? On the hunt for the Kentucky...

T-Bone's Tips: Set Up A Bowfishing Bow

T-Bone shares advice on setting up a bowfishing bow. A bowfishing bow doesn't need to be complex. A basic, simple rest will do the job. Shots are taken quickly and instinctively so there's no need for sights. You can shoot with a release aid but most bowfishing is done using...

Bowfishing Show: Bowfishing for Stingrays

In this episode of the Bowfishing Show, Travis "T-Bone" Turner and his crew of merry bowfishers head for the beaches of Panama City in search of stingrays. And they find plenty of targets to choose from. Check out past episodes of The Bowfishing Show: State Record Gar? On the...

Bowfishing Show: State Record Gar?

Will Brantley heads to Kentucky Lake and makes the mistake of allowing his wife, Michelle, to set up in the front of the boat and in prime shooting position. She takes advantage of the situation by ridiculing his every miss and sticking an arrow in one of the largest gar...

The Bowfishing Show: T-Bone's Honey Hole

Bowfishing at a furious pace. Travis "T-Bone" Turner takes a break from bone collecting to step behind the camera and lay down footage of his buddies as they take advantage of good water conditions on an unnamed honey hole in Georgia. This particular area has produced several gar approaching 30...

The Bowfishing Show: Covered In Slime

Antler Geeks Adam Millard and Tyler Ridenour take a break from prepping for whitetail season and do some carp control on a river in Michigan. There's no shortage of fish and plenty of bowfishing action.

The Bowfishing Show: "A Retie and a Little Revenge" kicks off its new web series called The Bowfishing Show. What it lacks in original titling, it makes up for in pure bowfishing goodness. In Episode 1, Editor Will Brantley hits the flooded backwaters of Kentucky in search of spawning gar.

T-Bone's Tips: Low-Poundage Bow Setups

Do you shoot a low-poundage bow? Well, you don't have to sacrifice performance or penetration because of it. T-Bone offers two key pieces of advice for low-poundage shooters: Choose an arrow with the proper spine Use a cut-on-contact broadhead

Realtree at ATA: The Quest Drive

The Quest Drive by G5 Outdoors is a smooth, fast shooter with a solid back wall, but available at a reasonable price. We tested it on the practice range at the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Realtree at ATA: The 2013 Elite Hunter

Anthony Dixon unveils the 2013 Elite Hunter at the 2013 ATA Show. The Hunter shares a name with last year's model, but that's it. The bow has been completely redesigned with a new riser and limb configuration as well as new Winner's Choice strings and a Cerakote coating.

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Quiver for Mechanical Broadheads

With the popularity of mechanical broadheads, Travis "T-Bone" Turner gets a lot of questions about how to best store them in a quiver. The key to choosing a quiver for mechanical broadheads is to choose a quiver with two contact points that will allow the arrow to be secured without...

T-Bone's Tips: Choosing a Peep Sight

Travis "T-Bone" Turner offers advice on choosing a peep sight for bowhunting. Peeps are a necessary bowhunting component but choosing one isn't as simple as you might think. Peeps come in an array of sizes and material choices. Travis' offers his tips on choosing a peep sight to best fit...

T-Bone's Tips: How To Fix a Bottomed-Out Sight

What happens when you need to move your sight pin lower, but you're out of adjustment on the sight brackett? Travis "T-Bone" Turner says the issue isn't usually with the sight but with your bow's setup. The first step is to ensure your rest and nock point are in the...

T-Bone's Tips: How to Beat Target Panic

"T-Bone's Tips" is a new video series created to help you become a better shot and more knowledgeable bowhunter. In this first installment, T-Bone addresses target panic , a problem that plagues most archers at one time or another. You'll learn what target panic is and new ways to...

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