25 Cool Trail Camera Photos You've Never Seen

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

What's the craziest trail camera you've ever taken?

I’ll admit to being a trail camera junkie. I run about 35 of them every year. Naturally, with several cameras running at all times, I receive some interesting images. Here are 25 of the wildest from the past few seasons.

Just Pee on ItJust Poop on ItJet-Black CoyoteDrumsticks for DinnerToo Close for ComfortTwo Cats and a PondRing the Dinner BellBaby BobcatsSee Ya LaterBarroom BrawlBig BirdGreat Horned OwlBird Poop for AllComing in HotOne Horn Hung LowBedded in the ScrapeLeg InjuryBowed UpBand-Aid Anyone?Is This a Dwarf Deer?Smell Ya LaterSheep!Mystery Mammal

1 | Just Pee on It

According to this coyote, scrapes aren’t just for whitetails. This dog likes freshening up my mocks, too.

2 | Just Poop on It

Mineral licks are for maximizing health and genetic potential. And I guess Wily here thought he should add his own to the mix. All while giving the camera a sassy look.

3 | Jet-Black Coyote

I’d never seen a completely black coyote until I came across this photo. I’m not much of a predator hunter, but this photo makes me want to be.

4 | Drumsticks for Dinner

Coyotes don’t kill adult turkeys, you say? Look closer. There’s a turkey leg in that fella’s mouth.

5 | Too Close for Comfort

I have a lot of photos of turkeys and coyotes, but not turkeys and coyotes together. Check out this brave (or dumb) longbeard as he stares down two coyotes.

6 | Two Cats and a Pond

Bobcats used to be an anomaly around these parts. Now, they’re everywhere. That said, it’s still pretty rare to see two in one shot.

7 | Ring the Dinner Bell

Bobcats are efficient hunters. I had this camera posted for six months. This same bobcat walked by it with a squirrel in its mouth at least 10 times.

8 | Baby Bobcats

We see a lot of bobcats now. But this is the first trail camera photo I’ve ever seen of a baby bobcat. Looks like mother and daughter are headed out to hunt.

9 | See Ya Later

Perfectly framed, this juvenile turkey has had enough of the juvenile deer. He gone.

10 | Barroom Brawl

There’s a lot going on here. Two feeding hens. One whimsical crow. The mad vulture. A sneaky squirrel. And a brave mother hen. That’s one complicated, barroom-style waterhole brawl.

11 | Big Bird

I’m not a bird biologist. But that’s one big bird captured in flight. Check out the wingspan on that joker. Drop comments below if you know what species this is.

12 | Great Horned Owl

Owls are some of the most inquisitive birds of prey. Here, this bright-eyed boy has a stare down with my Moultrie trail camera.

13 | Bird Poop for All

I was in a treestand in South Dakota the last time I saw something this horrific. This very scene unfolded above my head and I took several hits as a result.

14 | Coming in Hot

This trail camera photo was taken directly after I filmed my uncle arrow his buck last fall. It's one of my favorites of all time.

15 | One Horn Hung Low

This buck sported an interesting right-side antler last summer. I believe this was a result of an antler, body or pedicle injury.

16 | Bedded in the Scrape

I have many trail camera photos of bedded deer, but never in an active scrape. Until this buck. He did it on a regular basis throughout the season. Pretty good place to pick up the ladies, I reckon.

17 | Leg Injury

Injured deer on camera aren’t uncommon. But a growth of this size is. Someone get a walking cane for that buck.

18 | Bowed Up

Two yearling bucks. One, a wimp. The other, a bully. The fight didn’t last long.

19 | Band-Aid Anyone?

My initial thought is that a predator unzipped that hind quarter with a razor-sharp claw. It’s possible a vehicle could have done the damage, too.

20 | Is This a Dwarf Deer?

The photo quality isn’t good. But I’m convinced this isn’t a fawn. If it is, it was born very early or very late. The reason I think it’s a dwarf deer (buck)? It has antler growth protruding from the pedicle.

21 | Smell Ya Later

Deer get close to cameras a lot. I guess this deer was curious enough to sniff the lense.

22 | Sheep!

Random animals appear on trail cameras each year. But sheep aren’t that common. At least not around here.

23 | Mystery Mammal

I’m not quite sure what this animal is. Despite no known sightings in the area, I’m leaning toward a hog. Or maybe a gremlin. What do you think it is? Let us know in the thread below.

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