3 Biggest Typical White-Tailed Bucks of All Time

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Do You Remember These Three Legendary Whitetails?

The white-tailed deer is the most treasured big game resource in North America. More hunters chase this abundant animal more than any other in the country. That’s how much people love to hunt, eat and cherish whitetails.

While the primary reason we hunt the majestic animals is for food, we also can't help but become fixated on a truly giant whitetail when we see one. That’s what we’re looking at today — the three largest free-range (don’t get me started on high-fence operations) typical white-tailed bucks ever killed by man.

Check out these three legendary whitetails, courtesy of Boone & Crockett's Trophy Search. They won’t soon be forgotten. Nor does it seem their records will soon be broken, either.

The Hanson Buck

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1 | The Hanson Buck

This is the No. 1 typical whitetail of all-time. The Hanson buck. It’s legend to all those who spend time thinking about giant whitetails. And if you’ve never heard of this deer, you’ve got some catching up to do. It’s a stud.

It’s sounds pretty obvious and even quirky to say, but this deer truly has it all. Tine length? Check. Spread and beam length? Yep. Mass? Pretty solid on that front, too. I don’t think you can fault this deer. And if you do, go the heck on somewhere. This buck is a legend.

Score: 213 5/8 inches

Hunter: Milo N. Hanson

Location: Biggar, Saskatchewan

Date: 1993

Photo credit: Boone & Crockett Trophy Search

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The Jordan Buck

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2 | The Jordan Buck

Now this buck exhibits incredible mass. And don’t let all of that mass fool you by making the rack seem smaller than it really is. It isn’t. It has everything just like the Hanson buck does.

Granted, this buck doesn’t have quite the spread, beam length or tine length the Hanson buck sports. Also, the Hanson buck was a typical 6X6 (with two additional kickers). The Jordan buck is only a clean 5X5 and it still only fell about 7 inches shy of the No. 1 spot. The mass measurements alone are truly incredible. That’s why this buck scored so well. Just think about it. That goes to show just how important mass is for trophy-class antlers.

Score: 206 1/8 inches

Hunter: James Jordan

Location: Burnett Co., Wisconsin

Date: 1914

Photo credit: Boone & Crockett Trophy Search

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The Gibson Buck

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3 | The Gibson Buck

This whitetail has a wicked-cool frame. Those sweeping beams are truly something. When I see this rack, I think of Texas whitetails. Not Missouri deer. But hey, it just goes to show how diversified deer are and how every white-tailed buck’s rack has its own fingerprint. No two are exactly alike.

Like the Hanson buck, this deer is a typical 6X6. While it doesn’t beat the Hanson buck, it wouldn’t have taken much to do so. In fact, the frames are very similar between the two deer. It wouldn’t have taken much for the Gibson buck to be the world record typical whitetail.

Score: 205 inches

Hunter: Larry W. Gibson

Location: Randolph Co., Missouri

Date: 1971

Photo credit: Boone & Crockett Trophy Search

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