7 Ways to Spook Less Deer with Your Trail Cameras

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Are You Already Implementing These Techniques?

Trail cameras are extremely innovative. But they can be extremely ineffective if used improperly, too. Are you spooking deer with your trail cameras? Odds are high that you are unless implementing these seven tactics. Read over them, and then let us know what you do differently in the comments below.

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Use Smaller, Quieter CamsUse LEDsCams with CamoNatural FoliageHang Them HighSpray Them DownPut Them in Low-Risk Spots

1 | Use Smaller, Quieter Cams

The age of big, bulky cameras is over. They’re too noticeable. Those larger models also seemed to be louder models. If you want to spook less deer with your cams, use smaller and quieter models. That’s the first step in keeping deer off your radar.

Photo credit: The Given Right

2 | Use LEDs

Forget the flash cameras, too. Choose LED models. This will help reduce the number of deer you alert to your cameras. Keep your cameras more covert with this simple tip.

Photo credit: The Given Right

3 | Cams with Camo

They don’t put Realtree camo on cameras for no reason. Buy cameras that have camouflage on them. This will help conceal cameras.

Photo credit: The Given Right

4 | Natural Foliage

Take the camo option one step further and “brush in” your cameras. This will make those camo cameras even harder to detect. And if you want to go all-out with this, do something as shown in the photo above. That's hard core.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Jarhead

5 | Hang Them High

Don’t hang a camera in a deer’s line of sight. Hang them up high where they’re out of view. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” The same goes for trail cameras and deer.

Photo credit: Craig Watson

6 | Spray Them Down

As always, scent is very important. Reduce it as much as possible by spraying your cameras down after handling them. Also, wear gloves when checking them and keep the wind in your favor when doing so, too. These also are things you can do to spook less deer.

Photo credit: Brad Herndon

7 | Put Them in Low-Risk Spots

This is likely the best tip on this list for keeping deer from detecting your cameras. Put them in locations that you won’t spook deer when checking them. Don’t hang cameras in or near bedding areas. Instead, hang them on food sources, water sources and other locations that won’t take you close to bedded deer. Then, only check them when you know deer won't be up on their feet.

Photo credit: Heartland Bowhunter

Editor's Note: This was originally published on July 3, 2017.

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