8 Reasons to Practice Quality Deer Management

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Are You Doing the Best You Can to Help Deer?

What do you do to practice QDM? (Shutterstock/Critterbiz photo)

Quality Deer Management (QDM) isn’t just about growing big bucks. Sure, it helps with that, too. But that’s not what it’s all about. Ultimately, it’s about helping the entire deer herd to prosper. And to do that, there’s certain things you need to do. But that’s for another post. Today, we’ll cover some reasons as to why it’s important to your deer hunting.

  1. It’s all about the well-being of the herd. No one loves deer more than deer hunters.
  2. It will help increase or decrease population density based on what’s needed for a given property.
  3. Deer are much more visible, leading to better hunting and excited trips afield.
  4. Deer are healthier with a solid QDM plan.
  5. It balances the age structure of the herd, which leads to a more synchronized rut. This makes calling techniques and hunting the rut more eventful. But more importantly, it makes the fawn drop window much smaller allowing more fawns to reach maturity.
  6. Deer populations are not only socially balanced but also primed for success nutritionally, too. This maximizes food, water and shelter resources for deer.
  7. And yes, you will see bigger bucks. And I haven’t met many hunters who don’t like buck fever at least a little bit.
  8. Lastly, it helps ensure future generations will benefit from whitetails like all those who came before them. It gives back to the deer we hunt. After all, it’s not all about killing. It’s about managing the resource so future generations can enjoy them, too.

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