8 Reasons Your Spouse Hates Deer Hunting

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And How to Turn Things Around

Deer hunting. Some people love it. Other people, well, not so much. But oftentimes those who don’t haven’t been properly introduced. And in the case of spouses not taking to it, it’s generally because their better half did a poor job of warming them up to it. Here are eight reasons your spouse hates deer hunting and how you can remedy it.

You Don’t Plan Ahead

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1 | You Don’t Plan Ahead

Spouses don’t like it when you drop a last-minute trip on them. That’s no bueno. It not only oftentimes ruins their plans but also puts a bad taste in their mouth for your hunting hobby. Better to plan ahead.

The Fix: The last thing you want to do is spring a last-minute trip on your wife. That’s a recipe for disaster. Plan hunting trips well in advance so she can see them coming. That gives her plenty of notice and you time to help with things she needs done beforehand.

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You Don’t Watch the Time

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2 | You Don’t Watch the Time

The only thing worse than springing a last-minute trip on your spouse is habitually coming home late from hunts — especially when the two of you have other places to be.

The Fix: Be home before the time you say you’ll be. That’s even better. But it’s hard to do. See, we often give an earlier time because we think that will appease them on the front end. However, when we don’t meet that time getting home, that’s double the trouble on the back end. Take whatever time you say you’ll be home and make it an hour later. That way you have some wiggle room and the potential to get home earlier than you said you’d be.

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You Don’t Clean Up After the Kill

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3 | You Don’t Clean Up After the Kill

Many people don’t like blood. So, leaving it everywhere in the kitchen and around the house after hunting is a problem — and not just for sanitary reasons. It can really turn people off to hunting.

The Fix: Women shouldn’t have to do all of the cleaning. Man up and wash some dishes. Put on those pretty pink rubber gloves your wife has and get to scrubbin’. I think three hours of dish washing (should) equate to three days of hunting. But you all correct me if I’m wrong. And I'm wrong a lot. Just ask my wife.

Also, some people don’t like to cook wild game. Many do. Regardless of which side your wife falls on, cook more that way she doesn’t have to. Find some great recipes and surprise her with a dinner when she gets home from work.

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You Leave Hunting Gear All Over the Place

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4 | You Leave Hunting Gear All Over the Place

Messy. Messy. Messy. That’s what some spouses think of when they think of hunting — especially if you’re that person who leaves stuff everywhere. That is a surefire way to cause some friction on the home front.

The Fix: Keep your stuff organized. Don’t block the walkways. Don’t pile it up. Don’t leave it everywhere. Clean up after yourself. Act like an adult. No hoarder-style fun for you.

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You Put Deer Mounts All Over the House

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5 | You Put Deer Mounts All Over the House

This one can be tricky. But putting deer heads all over the house — when you know your significant other doesn’t like that sort of thing — is a great way to turn them off to the outdoors.

The Fix: Pick your battles. Compromise. Agree to keep the mounts in one or two locations and cut a deal with them that they’ll be happy with.

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You Skip Out on Date Night

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6 | You Skip Out on Date Night

This is a no-no. Don’t cancel a pre-planned date so you can go deer hunting. That’s a one-way ticket to the dog house.

The Fix: Be a sweetheart and take that fine lady out for a night on the town. It isn’t going to kill your manhood to go to a nice fancy restaurant with your better half. Paint the town red now so you can paint the woods red later, eh?

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You Spend Too Much Money

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7 | You Spend Too Much Money

Don’t spend a bunch on hunting and then tell that pretty lady she can’t have that necklace she’s been eyeing. That’ll catch you the stink eye and a boot off the gravy train right quick like.

The Fix: You spend all of that money on hunting. She should be able to spend money on things she likes, too. So don’t get tight all of a sudden when she decides to buy something for herself. Trust me. That doesn’t go over too well after buying a bunch of hunting gear.

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You Don’t Take Them with You

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8 | You Don’t Take Them with You

You’re telling me you’ve never taken your spouse to the woods. Or, at least, you’ve never really tried to introduce them to deer hunting (the right way). Shame on you. Maybe that’s the very reason for the all of the madness.

The Fix: I know. Some of you think women don’t hunt. I’m here to tell you they do. And they’re dang good at it, too. Hunting with your wife will result in some serious bonding time. My wife has yet to miss a deer. She’s one for one with a pretty solid buck under her belt. Take those ladies hunting if they want to go. After all, if they kill a big one, they’ll want to get it mounted. And that, my friends, is all you need to remind her of the next time she fusses about your own deer heads.

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