Deer Hunting: Woman Has Great Reaction to Killing Her First Deer

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Watching Her Kill This Buck Was the Highlight of My Hunting Career

Deer hunting isn't about the kill. It isn't about shooting a buck, or a doe for that matter. It's about the moments. It isn't the destination, but the journey we quietly long for. It's the adrenaline rush as a rutting buck comes crashing down an old logging road. It's the hair-raising experience of two whitetails locking horns in a desperate battle for dominance. It's the simplicity in watching the sun rise on a new day. Yeah, it's the moments.

Watching my wife Kathryn not just kill, but hunt, her first deer was an experience that I wish more people could share with their friends and family. Witnessing her grow from a non-hunter (not anti-hunter) who said she'd never go hunting, to becoming very passionate about our hunting heritage has truly been something special.

As for our way of life, and its continued existence and survival, it's going to take all of us introducing new people to the outdoors. Not just our spouses. Not just our kids. We must reach out to everyone we can. It isn't just our way of life, but the very whitetails, turkeys, waterfowl and other species we love that depend on it.

Will you rise up?

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