First Buck Friday: Joshua Martin


With an e-mail inbox literally stacked with great first buck stories, sometimes it’s hard to pick just one of them for First Buck Friday. But the story sent in to us by Josh Martin is special. The nice buck was Josh’s first with a bow—special enough in itself—but what’s truly amazing is that Josh is totally blind as a result of a turkey hunting accident. He hunts with both bow and gun with the help of his dad. Take a look at his story below.

My name is Josh Martin and attached are pictures of my first buck with a bow. First, I will give you a little background on my story prior to explaining my hunt. In 1995 I was shot in a turkey hunting accident and left totally blind. I continue to hunt with assistance from my dad and a laser beam attached to my compound bow and rifle. I would say the most difficult tasks are the additional movements we have to make to get in to position to make a shot. This is the most difficult in bow season. I’m unable to take a shot much farther than 20-25 yards due to the arrow drop off.

On this particular evening in October 2008, dad saw a buck at the bottom of the hill, and it was headed toward our treestand. As the buck passed behind trees, we were able to stand up and get into position. When the buck made it to 20 yards and walked behind another tree, dad told me I could draw my bow. After the buck walked from behind the tree, dad helped me get lined up and I made the shot. This buck ran approximately 50 yards before going down. He was a 9 pointer with a 14 1/2 spread. This is the largest buck I have ever killed.

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