Gear Review: Winchester Deer Season XP

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

A Quick Look At Winchester's New Deer Cartridge

Anyone who’s hunted deer much at all understands the importance of using a reliable round, especially on whitetails. Throughout the years, I’ve seen with my own eyes and heard other stories of deer that got away — even ones that shouldn’t have with the shots they toted.

I recently hunted mule deer in Alberta with the Deer Season XP. I was presented with a great shot opportunity on a nice buck. The buck stood still long enough for a shot and I pulled the trigger. It appeared like a spine shot in the video, but it actually hit the deer in the high lungs. We all know that a shot to the high-lung region can lead to a lengthy track job at best. Not this time. The buck dropped in its tracks. Upon inspection, the 150-grain, 300 Win Mag bullet lodged in the opposite side shoulder. Watch that full hunt and see how the round performed below.

My wife also used this round on her whitetail hunt in Kentucky. It was her first buck. And as you seen in the video, it did what it was supposed to and the .243 bullet put the deer down quickly. A well-placed shot with a good round lead to her first deer ever. Click the link below to view that entire hunt and see how the bullet performed.

Accuracy is key in a world of high-powered rifles and big-bodied deer. Effectiveness is everything and a hunter needs to feel they can rely on the equipment — ammunition included — they use. You can rest easy using Winchester’s Deer Season XP. I can’t say the same for some of the other deer rounds on the market right now.

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