Giant Ohio Buck Killed By Car

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Galion Ohio buck hit by car


I'm guessing that's the first word that came out of your mouth when checking out the photos of this bad boy.

This buck was killed in a car-deer accident in Ohio near Galion, Ohio.

Ohio roadkill  buck It is an incredible deer and that's an understatement. The buck was reported on the Community Incident Response Team Facebook page, which appears to be a citizen's group that keeps folks in the Mansfield area informed on developing traffic incidents and other news. 

The post blew up on social and viral media proving that even folks who don't hunt appreciate a big buck. If you can take your eyes off the photos, the comments are pretty comical.

As we kick off November, visions of bucks like this will fill our dreams nightly. A shame that this one happened to fill the front end of a family sedan.