How to Hang a Ladder Stand Quickly, Safely and Easily


Judging by the response to our post highlighting some tips for bowhunting from ladder stands, quite a few of you depend on these sturdy platforms for much of your deer hunting. Despite their stability and comfort, ladder stands do have some drawbacks. One of the biggest is that their bulk and weight can make hanging them a potentially dangerous process. So we had our buddies at Whitetail Properties put together this video demonstrating how to safely hang a ladder stand.

Here are a few takeaway points:

  • Notice that there are two guys working together to get that stand against the tree.
  • One buddy uses a rope and stands at the ladder's base, while the other pushes the stand skyward and against the tree.
  • Before anyone steps onto the ladder, the stand is secured with braces and straps at the bottom of the tree.
  • Before any straps are secured at the top, Paul Sawyer secures his safety harness to the tree.
  • Once the stand is secure, a Hunter Safety System Lifeline is installed. Always a good idea.
  • Check out Paul Sawyer's rockin' Fu Manchu mustache at the beginning. Wow. I'm no facial hair slouch, but I'm jealous of that masterpiece.