In-Your-Face Deer Fight Leads to a Big Buck Down

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Mike McFerrin Witnesses Fight and Takes a Giant South Texas Whitetail

We're kicking it back to Monster Bucks XXI where Legends of the Fall's Mike McFerrin takes a giant South Texas whitetail. Set up between a bedding area, food sources and a watering tank, McFerrin prepares to wait them out.

He doesn't wait long, though. Three years of history roll up into one final hunt for a legendary deer. But before he sends an arrow, the heavy-racked whitetail wins a short sparring match with a smaller opponent. The younger one runs off, but the target deer slowly walks within range. McFerrin makes it count.

Hunt Tactic Used: McFerrin used his knowledge of bedding, feeding and watering habits of mature bucks and chose a hunt location accordingly. Then, he capitalized on the bucks social status among the herd and used the buck's aggression against him.

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