Michael Waddell Uses Decoy to Arrow Buck at 20 Yards

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Using a Deer Decoy Often Triggers Testosterone-Driven Bucks

Michael Waddell and Kansas whitetail hunting aren't strangers. They're well-acquainted, as many hunts of Waddell tagging Land-of-Oz bucks have aired throughout the years.

This hunt is no different. Here Waddell uses a decoy to lure in a stud midwestern deer. Paired with some good, old-fashioned testosterone, the buck can't help but walked stiff-legged into the setup.

Once in range, the buck makes a scrape, turns broadside and the rest is up to Waddell. As usual, he capitalizes.

Hunt Tactic Used: In this hunt, the decoy was the poison. The buck couldn't handle it. There are many factors in play when decoying whitetails. Click here to learn how to effectively decoy wary whitetails.

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