Monster Bucks: Bad Shot on 180-Inch Oklahoma Deer?

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Buckventures' Daniel McVay takes a quartering-to shot on a giant buck, and at first, things don't look good

In this installment of Monster Bucks, Daniel McVay sits high in a tree in Nowheresville, Oklahoma, and he's after a 180-inch giant. The monarch chases does into the open several times, but McVay has to watch the buck a long time before he gets a shot at him. Then, when he finally does, things get tense.

This hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks XXIII Volume 2.

Hunt Tactic Used: As you can see in the footage, McVay is camped out in an island-like pocket of cover with open prairie around it. Knowing key locations like this to hang treestands can make or break your season.

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