New Hunting Laws Mean Big Changes for Thousands of Deer Hunters This Season

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Will You Be Affected by These Laws?

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Deer hunting is a way of life that is practiced by many people across this great nation. It comes as no surprise when new laws spark big debates and heated discussions. As such, this recent bit of legislation coming out of South Carolina will take effect this season.

According to Christina Cleveland with the Aiken Standard, several changes are coming for South Carolina deer hunting.

“Next year, there will be a uniform limit on antlered bucks across the state, which SCDNR Deer Project Supervisor Charles Ruth said is the first time the state has enacted such measure,” Cleveland said. “Aiken County does not have a limit on the number of deer harvested this year; however, the new limits will take place next year.”

According to Cleveland, Ruth had the following to say:

“All deer taken must be tagged – that’s a historic change,” Ruth said. “At the hunter level, these types of changes will require some education."

According to the report, along with a new tagging policy, hunters will receive eight antlerless tags and three buck tags. Hunters may purchase two additional buck tags beyond that. That too is a historic change since before, approximately 2/3 of the state had no limit on buck harvest. Furthermore, some antler restrictions will be in place under some circumstances.

As you can see, big changes are coming for those who hunt in South Carolina. If you plan to hunt this coastal state, better read up on the regs. Deer hunting is changing. And for the better.

Personally, I think limiting the deer harvest is the best thing the SCDNR can do for deer hunting. Bag limits have been way too liberal for way too long. And honestly, the new limits are still way too liberal, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully the new trend will continue.

Go here for the full report on this matter from The Aiken Standard.

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