Pack of Coyotes Vs. Herd Of Deer

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Coyotes On One Side. Deer On The Other. A Fawn Caught In The Middle.

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. But I’ve never seen something quite like this.

And as the man who filmed this footage said, it’s pretty rare.

It’s pretty sad to watch. I don’t like to see or hear about fawns dying at the fangs of coyotes, or any other predator for that matter. I'm a deer hunter. So yes, I kill deer. But I hate to see the brutal deaths caused by predators. When hunters kill an animal, it's quick. When coyotes, wolves, and other predators kill, it drags on forever.

I had mixed emotions while watching this. One one side, I was in awe of the teamwork these coyotes implemented to fight off this herd of does. On the other side, I was spit-fire mad and wished I could help that fawn.

In the beginning, these mule deer does did a magnificent job of fighting off the coordinated attack by the coyotes. But once the canines came with the second wave, their defenses weren’t enough.

They killed the fawn.

They ate the fawn.

And the circle of life continued.

It’s a brutal, primal thing to watch. But it’s nature. It’s life. And it happens.

For those who don't like for this to happen, do something about it. Hunt coyotes. There are plenty of reasons to.