Realtree at ATA: Cajun Sucker Punch Review

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

I love to bowhunt about everything. Deer. Turkeys. And fish. Love to bowfish. So one of my favorite new products from this year's ATA Show is the Cajun Sucker Punch bow paired with the Hybrid reel. The Sucker Punch is a cool enough little bowfishing bow. It sports a 35.25-inch axle-to-axle length, and is available with two draw modules. One is a constant draw module (no let-off) that’s perfect for snap-shooting. The other is a 60 percent let-off module. These can be changed in minutes without a press. The bow sports a peak draw weight of 50 pounds and a draw length range of 17 to 31 inches.

Even better than the bow, however, is the Hybrid reel. This reel offers the free-spool advantages of a bottle reel, like the classic AMS Retriever, with the lightning-quick, one-handed arrow retrieval capabilities of a spin-cast reel. If you like to bowfish, this package is one to check out.