's new Kinetic Energy and Momentum Calculator Unveiled

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

For those of us who weren't paying attention in high school physics

What is it that drives an arrow through a deer's rib cage?

Is it the cam designed by a team of engineers, carved from a solid hunk of aluminum billet on a multi-million dollar CNC machine? Or is it the design of the bow limbs and riser, each painstakingly detailed using ultra-complex software that can milk every ounce of performance out of what is, essentially, a pretty basic mechanical system?

Perhaps it's the chemically-sharpened edge on those new broadheads that you dropped $50 on for a pack of three.

Actually, it's none of those. What drove that broadhead through that deer was good ol' kinetic energy and momentum.

Think hard, back to the days of high school physics and perhaps the most dreaded hour of the day. You tried not to fall asleep while Mr. Spencer recited the following equation: KE=0.5xMxV2.

I remember trying not to fall asleep. The equation? Not so much.

But as a bowhunter, understanding the importance of KE and momentum can make you more successful because it allows you to tune and choose your equipment for the best results because any discussion about penetration, maximum effective range and overall lethality of your bowhunting setup boils down to two basic principles of physics: Kinetic energy and momentum.

As bowhunters, we spend a fair amount of time tinkering and tuning with the goal of creating the best setup we can. And to truly do that, you need to focus more on creating a system that delivers the right balance of kinetic energy and momentum for the game you intend to hunt. has just released an awesome tool to help you do just that: The Realtree Kinetic Energy and Momentum calculator.

This is the tool Brantley and I use to set up our own bowhunting rigs. It's the tool Will uses to help define the specs of his wife's hunting arrows. It's the tool I use to make sure my son's bow-and-arrow combination are delivering enough stuff to finally down a whitetail.

The calculator is easy to use. You'll need to know the weight of your finished arrow (including the broadhead) and your arrow speed. From there, you can see your KE and momentum. You can also see what those figures would be if you were to slightly increase arrow weight and decrease arrow speed. Or decrease arrow weight and increase arrow speed.

Tweak. Test. Tune.

And have fun. 

Check out the calculator.