T-Bone Arrows Monster Mule Deer At Close Range

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Check out this adrenaline-charged hunt on a big, full-velvet mulie

Bone Collector's Travis "T-Bone" Turner knows how to shoot a Hoyt bow. His long-range capabilities are legendary, and sometimes a long shot is needed on a mule deer hunt. But not on this one. This hunt originally aired on Monster Bucks XXIII, and in it, T-Bone gets up close and personal with a big velvet mulie.

Hunt Tactic Used: T-Bone did his homework and researched where the biggest mule deer were coming from. Then he planned his hunt, picked his location and scouted with his guide accordingly. They chose a transition area where bucks were leaving an alfalfa field as they headed to bed down.

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