Tested: Midway USA Stealth Clothing Line

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Results: A do-all set of quality hunting clothes

The Midway USA Stealth Jacket and Pants is warm but breathable. (Josh Honeycutt photo)

Hunting clothes. Let’s be honest. A lot of them out there are crap. From cheap fabrics to poor features, we’ve all worn our fair share of inferior garments.

But Realtree partners with the best to ensure quality isn’t an issue. One such partner is Midway USA. It licenses Realtree EDGE camo for the Stealth Softshell Jacket and Pants. I’ve put it to the test for almost a year now. It survived deer season. And it survived turkey season.

Here’s where this combo stands. And see the suit in action below.


The jacket and pants is made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It’s pretty flexible, definitely more so than most hunting clothes on the market. The fabrics are strong but stretch enough for a comfortable fit in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. The material hugs your form, but not too tight. Overall, this outfit gets high marks for comfort and fit.


The jacket has a decent number of pockets. It comes with two zippered handwarmer pockets and one zippered chest pocket. The sizing is adequate and held most of what I need the pockets to hold.

More pockets are offered on the pants. It boasts a six-pocket design with two zippered ones on the thighs and two in the rear. It also has hand pockets.

Pockets on both garments are pretty deep. They’re plenty warm for the temperature range this suit is designed for.

The Midway USA Stealth Softshell Jacket is listed at $69.99. (Midway USA photo)


This is the feature where these products really shine. I can honestly say I’ve never hunted in polyester hunting clothing as quiet as the Stealth line. It lives up to the name.

I hunted both deer and turkeys in this suit. I mostly bowhunted whitetails and used a shotgun on turkeys — all of which means getting within 40 yards of your quarry. Hunters know quietness is important to achieve this. That isn’t happening if your clothing goes swish-swish-swish-crackle-swish. Fortunately, the Stealth line offers none of that nonsense. It’s quiet, like hunting clothes should be.

Heat-Retention and Regulation

I tested this duo in different temperatures and weather events. Hot. Cold. Sunshine. Cloudy. (Light) rain. Sleet. Snow. It met every condition. And it liked them all.

The suit isn’t technically insulated, windproof or waterproof. You’ll need to layer up in colder and wetter weather. That said, it does a pretty good job of retaining heat, shielding wind and shedding light rain. I can say this jacket kept me comfortable with just a light shirt underneath it from the high 30s to the low 70s. Anything lower meant an added layer and anything higher meant t-shirt time.

The Midway USA Stealth Softshell Pant is listed at $79.99. (Midway USA photo)

Breathability and Wicking

This is key when hunting in cold or warm temperatures. This suit did both of these things much better than I anticipated. When I sweat, the suit did a fair job of wicking it away. It also performed well in the breathability category when it was warm out. This isn’t just important when the mercury is on the rise but also when it’s cold and you’re sweating. The Stealth Softshell jacket and pants didn’t disappoint.

Wear and Tear

Other than quietness, this is where the Stealth line impressed me most. I do a lot of hunting in a year’s time. I walk a lot of miles, climb a lot of trees, and cross a lot of barbed-wire fences. Zero major rips in the suit. And only a few minor pin-prick-size holes and tears. I counted a total of zero in the jacket and seven very small ones in the pants. Blame the latter on the blasted barbed wire.

I didn’t receive any of the holes from bending, climbing, walking, running or making any other extreme movement. The suit holds together quite well. Thank the rugged build and 8% spandex for that.

Overall, this product offering in Realtree EDGE camo gets a thumbs up from the Realtree.com crew. (Josh Honeycutt photo)


Pricing is on point. The jacket’s listed MSRP is $69.99 and the pant is $79.99. That’s a fair price for the product you get in return. Plus, it’s affordable on most any budget.

All said, this product line receives high marks after 12 months of testing. If you’re looking for a good all-around hunting suit, you’ll be pleased with this one. I value a man’s word. And I have no issue putting my stamp on this product offering.

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