Texting Gloves: Next Must-Have Deer Product?


Just over two months ago, my phone buzzed, and when I picked it up, it said, “1 New Message from Dad.” I opened it up, and there was a picture of a dead buck with a text that said, “Will, thought u would want 2 C this.”

I replied: “Who the hell is this? Why do you have Dad’s phone?”

Thing is, it was my dad on his new iPhone. Dad is one of those that I’d describe as “set in his ways.” I honestly didn’t know that he knew or cared what a text message even was, much less had purchased himself an iPhone. Now he texts me several times a week (the most recent was yesterday, when he asked me what kind of black powder goes in the flash pan of a flintlock rifle—bet Daniel Boone never saw that happening).

Honestly, I hate texting—except when I’m deer hunting. It passes the time, it’s quiet, it lets me keep up with what my hunting buddies are seeing, and it can serve some genuinely useful purposes. Last year, for example, I dropped my brand-new Hoyt 25 feet out of the stand on opening afternoon. First time I’d ever carried it to the woods. Had I not had my phone in my pocket, I probably would’ve slipped into an epic cussing meltdown and gone back to the truck. As it was, I climbed down, grabbed my bow, sent out a message explaining what I’d done to 15 of my hunting buddies, and then enjoyed reading all their “Brantley, you’re an idiot” replies. (The bow was fine, by the way—I killed a doe with it the next evening.)

There’s no doubt, judging by many of the texting-related hunting products out there now, that deer hunters like to text. One neat product I saw at the SHOT Show this year is a set of gloves in a new line of Rocky hunting clothing. The gloves have a special feature on the fingertip that allows you to use the touch screen of your smart phone without removing them (something that doesn't work too well with regular gloves). I tried them out at the Rocky booth, and they work like a charm. And, like most Rocky gear, the gloves seemed like a warm, quality product that allowed plenty of dexterity for shooting a bow.

So, do you text on stand? Would you wear a pair of hunting gloves like this, designed for texting, or is the idea just a little much for the average redneck?