The 2017 North American Deer Summit

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Serious Deer Biologists, Managers and Hunters Tackling Serious Issues

Do you care enough about deer to speak up and act on their behalf? Take action and join the NDA today. It's free. (Shutterstock/Critterbiz photo)

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) is an organization designed by hunters for hunters. But more importantly, it’s an organization designed for deer. The NDA fights the battles that the resource can’t. It isn’t your typical deer hunting organization. And while we love what the Quality Deer Management Association, Whitetails Unlimited, Mule Deer Foundation and other non-profits are doing for our way of life, the NDA is filling a void that’s been present for far too long — a group that solely advocates for or opposes policies that directly affect wild deer in North America.

"NDA's role going forward is to focus on deer and hunting policy,” said NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto. “We could easily be involved with more than 100 issues annually, and I think that surprises a lot of people.

A plethora of threats face the modern-day white-tailed deer. Habitat loss, disease and bad policies are just a few of the major challenges that deer face across America.

"Diseases, particularly CWD, will continue to be a focus. NDA will serve as a convener for the many organizations, scientists, and wildlife agencies charged with managing the biggest concerns in deer management today."

It’s because of these key concerns that the NDA’s annual North American Deer Summit was born. It’s the time when all of the leading deer biologists, managers and authorities assemble together to discuss at length the issues at hand.

The summit is being hosted in Austin, Texas. It’s the third summit, following previous events in 2014 and 2015. This year, you’ll see and hear from leading deer and deer hunting authorities such as Grant Woods, Wayne LaRoche, Craig Miller, Darrel Rowledge, Kip Adams, Land Tawney and many more. They'll be taking part in numerous panel discussions to tackle important issues including the state of the whitetail, state of the mule deer, hunter access, Chronic Wasting Disease, challenges state wildlife agencies face, the social science of deer management and more.

Hopefully you’ll be in attendance. But for all of you who are not, we’ll be covering these hot-button issues in real time. As panel discussions conclude, we’ll be releasing the knowledge these guys and gals are dropping at the summit right here on Check back with us as the week progresses and follow us on social media as we provide updates into some of the latest news from these select panelists.

Click here for a full schedule of the event. And join the NDA today. It's free. What are you waiting for?

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