Trespasser Gets What He Deserves?

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Paintball booby trap has hunters talking.

I am not ashamed to admit that I literally laughed out loud when I first watched this video.

By now you've likely already seen this clip of what is allegedly a man named Leroy Ogin being blasted by a paintball-style booby trap during Pennsylvania's deer season while he was trespassing on posted private land.

The video, which is posted on YouTube, was a topic of conversation in a forum on and a report about the video was later posted on the site.

In the forum thread, someone claiming to be Michael Condoluci and the landowner, posted this:

“I’m the one who did this to this idiot. I’ve owned the land for 6 years. He’s been hunting on my land every year. I tell him every year he is trespassing, he refuses to leave and tells me he’s been hunting here his whole life. My land is posted and I even have signs trespassers will be painted, and patrolled by Sherwin Williams, maybe the jerk can’t read and if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be hunting. Don’t think I will see him next year.” 

I have no idea whether Ogin was really trespassing -- though he did tell Deer and Deer Hunting that he was walking a logging road that was "8 feet onto (Condouci's) property" and defended the action by stating he had done so "for many years."

Nor do I know if Condoluci had actually told Ogin repeatedly that he was trespassing in previous seasons and was not allowed to walk the private road. Condoluci claims he did.

I really have no reason to disbelieve either.

But I do know this: I have dealt with my share of trespassers including an incident during last year's gun opener in Michigan. And after watching the video, I admit that I had visions of paint-bombs going off next year along the property lines that I hunt. . .

But am I wrong for taking pleasure in the video? Is setting up a paint-throwing booby trap the right way to deal with a repeat trespass offender? Did the landowner go too far?

The comments around the video are varied. Many found great humor in it. Others were quick to say the trespasser got "what he deserved."

But others were more sympathetic and stated that the landowner went overboard and put the trespassing hunter's life at risk.

It would seem the law would agree with the latter. Condoluci was allegedly ticketed for criminal mischief and criminal harassment. Ironically, Conduluci was ticketed the same day Ogin -- the man blasted with the paint -- was ticketed for trespassing.

So who is right? Was the landowner justified in creating the trap? Or did he take things too far? Did he deserve a ticket? 

And what about the alleged trespasser? Think he will now think twice before crossing another fence? Or does that coat of paint make him some sort of martyr for the cause?