Waddell Arrows Huge Buck from 10 Feet Off the Ground

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

You don't have to be 30 feet up a tree to kill deer

Michael Waddell has made many trips to The Treasure State. And what a treasure he bagged on this hunt. Hunting along the Milk River, this 161-inch dandy walked within range and he took care of the rest.

Realtree has featured a long list of Montana deer hunts. But this hunt is one of the best. It originally aired on Monster Bucks VIII. Be on the lookout for the latest "Monster Bucks" release coming soon.

Hunt Tactic Used: Waddell couldn't hang his stand higher than 10 feet. He relied on good camo and cover to conceal him. Click here to learn how to hide your treestands.

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