Watch the Complete Second Season of Midwest Whitetail's Chasing November

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Which One Is Your Favorite Episode?

Are you a deer hunter? Missing fall? Midwest Whitetail has a reputation that rivals any deer hunting tradition out there. They hunt to live. And they live to hunt. That shows in their videos. And they bring some of the most action-packed deer hunting to viewers all across the country.

Haven't ever watched Chasing November? Make sure you catch up and binge watch the first season, too.

And then catch all of season two below.

Episode 1: A Massive Buck and a Public Land Buck Nest

Episode 2: Rattling In a Rutting Buck

Episode 3: Booner with Wife's Bow and a Double Drop Tine Buck

Episode 4: Public Land Giants and an Incredible Buck Grunting

Episode 5: Midday Monsters, Illinois Rut Action

Episode 6: Monster Buck Standoff, Public Land Success

Episode 7: Decoying a Super Wide Buck

Episode 8: Gross Booner at 15 Yards, Creek Bottom Funnels

Episode 9: Bale Blind Trophy, Rattling Rutting Bucks

Episode 10: Creek Bottom Cruiser, Bedding Area Bucks

Episode 11: Public Land Double Beam Buck

Episode 12: Two Shots to Get a Booner, 200-Inch Buck Encounter

Episode 13: Tracking a Booner, Gnarly 9 at 10 Yards

Episode 14: 160-Inch 8-Point Bow Kill, A Trail Cam Trophy

Episode 15: Big Buck Small Plot, CRP Giant

Episode 16: 160-Inch Buck from Bale Blind, Kansas Bowhunting

Episode 17: 215-Inch Bow Harvest, Public Land Action

Episode 18: Public Land Redemption, Hunting Buck Beds

Episode 19: Point Blank Booner, 186-Inch Buck of a Lifetime

Episode 20: Giant Ohio Buck, Urban Zone Bow Buck

Episode 21: 165-Inch Blizzard Buck, Young Kid Goes Hunting

Episode 22: 175-Inch Trail Camera Trophy, Public Land Musket Quest

Episode 23: Old Buck, Narrow Rack at Maximum Range

Episode 24: Last Chance Buck, Public Land Musket Hunt

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