Watch the First Half of Realtree's The Reason for the Hunt Season One

By author of Brow Tines and Backstrap

Which One Is Your Favorite Episode?

As outdoorsmen, a big part of life, is life in the wild. The outdoors is high on our list of priorities. That's who we are. And we're proud of it. We're real people living real lives and hunting is a massive part of that for us.

We know if you're reading this, you live that same life. You're a real-life deer hunter. And sadly, much of the deer hunting video content available today is way out of touch with the masses. Enter Realtree's The Reason for the Hunt. It's a short film series that features real people in real hunting scenarios. Follow along as people just like you share their stories. And enjoy their hunts right alongside them.

Here's the first half of the first season. And stay tuned as we bring you action-packed turkey hunting episodes this spring that are crafted in the same real-life fashion as the deer hunting episodes.

Trailer: The Reason for the Hunt

Episode 1: The Reason for the Hunt: Early Season Deer Hunting and Droptine Bucks

Episode 2: The Reason for the Hunt: Youth Deer Hunter Kills Big Buck

Episode 3: The Reason for the Hunt: Late Season Deer Hunting in Indiana

Episode 4: The Reason for the Hunt: 74-Year-Old Man Gets His First Deer

Episode 5: The Reason for the Hunt: Triple Amputee Combat Veteran Bowhunts Big Deer

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