Whitetails Unlimited and Travis “T-Bone” Turner Promote Treestand Safety

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What Do You Do to Stay Safe in the Deer Woods?

Whitetails Unlimited

Treestand safety is one of the most important aspects of deer hunting. In fact, falls from treestands remain the No. 1 cause of injury and death for deer hunting accidents. Some statistics:

  • 35 percent of falls involve failure to inspect gear properly
  • 86 percent of fall victims don’t wear a safety harness
  • 99 percent of fall victims are not attached to the tree or lifeline system

Gear: Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex

Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex

According to a recent press release, Whitetails Unlimited (WU) is doing their part to help improve these statistics. They’ve partnered with Bone Collector’s Travis “T-Bone” Turner to help raise awareness and promote treestand safety.

According to WU, more than 30 percent of treestand hunters will fall in their lifetime.

“The numbers are surprising: one out of three hunters who use an elevated stand will be injured,” said a WU representative. “Those are not good odds. Any time you are off the ground, you are in danger and you need to protect yourself. Hunters need to use a Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System (FBFAHS) that meets stringent industry standards. Single-strap belts and chest harnesses have proven to not be safe; and in fact, single strap belts can themselves cause serious injuries or death."

Additional tips to stay safe:

  1. Inspect gear regularly for safety precautions.
  2. Keep three points of contact while climbing.
  3. Always wear a safety harness.
  4. Wear a safety harness and lineman’s belt when hanging treestands and climbing devices.
  5. Use extra straps on treestands in case one malfunctions.
  6. Install a lifeline system on every treestand for additional safety.
  7. Use a pull-up rope so you aren’t carrying things as you climb up the tree.
  8. Use hangers to keep your gear organized so you aren’t holding everything in the stand.
  9. Stay connected from the time you leave the ground until you reach the ground again.
  10. Always tell someone where you’re hunting so they know where to find you if an accident does occur.

Safety is the primary concern when hunting. It isn’t all that dangerous. But it can be if you aren’t careful. Take precautions. An accident isn’t worth the price you pay. Keep your health. Keep your life. Implement treestand safety.

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