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Food Plots: It's Decision Time

I have never claimed to be a farmer. Or a gardener. Or really much of a food plotter. But I do put in a few plots each year, and the learning curve has started to become less steep.

First Buck Friday: Illinois 10-Pointer

Want To Kill More Game With A Bow? Shoot More Foam.

3-D For Better Bowhunting

Hiring A Shooting Coach This Summer For Better Shooting Come Fall

After you've been shooting awhile the mechanics of drawing, anchoring and releasing a bowstring become essentially automatic.

On Hipsters and Hunting

The Trendy Urbanite. He often refers to himself as a "hipster," and is as foreign to our camo-wearing crowd as we are to his skinny jean crowd. Take Matt Stopera, for example. He works as an editor for, a popular and innovative site with such ground-breaking features as the...

QDMA Fights Captive Deer Breeding

Efforts to legalize captive deer breeding were stopped in three southern states—Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee—during the 2012 legislative session. The QDMA reported in a press release this morning that additional legislative victories (at least in QDMA’s eyes) regarding captive deer breeding were had in Indiana, Missouri and West Virginia.

Dr. Deer: Public Land Hunting Is Communism

What happens when you mix passionate deer hunters, deer management and politics? Headlines like these: Walker to Deer Hunters: Pay Up or Get Lost

Dryer’n a Popcorn Fart in These Deer Woods

This morning, I had to step away from my desk and stare outside. It was finally raining, if only for 10 minutes. It’s dry around here—western Kentucky was in moderate to severe drought conditions as of May 22, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Make Your Bow Shoot Better with a Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The Hot-Button Topic of Bear Baiting

Bear-Baiting Controversy

Johnny King Buck Video Implies Deer Should Be New World Record

In 2006, Wisconsin hunter Johnny King killed a huge 6X6 buck that could have challenged Milo Hanson's all-time typical record. But the buck has never been officially entered into the Boone and Crockett records because of controversy over how the buck should be scored. A point on the buck's right...

Making Your Bowhunting Outfit Deadly Silent

Silence of the Limbs