Brow Tines and Backstrap

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Brantley's ATA Pick: Easton Injexion Arrow Shafts

We saw a ton of great new stuff at the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio, but I'd have to say my favorite was this new A/C Injexion arrow shaft from Easton . I'm already hearing great things from pro-staffers who've had a chance to shoot it, both on the...

Hansen's ATA Pick: The X-Stand

I love new treestands . Just got back from the ATA show and there were plenty of interesting things to see. But one item in particular really stood out - the x-stand treestand - and I thought I'd share it. Check out the video.

Meet Patrick Meitin

I’ve been in the outdoor-writing dodge a while, selling my first magazine articles to mainstream archery publications in 1988. Ironically enough, my first published article was a technical piece, detailing a simplified method of aiming a bow and arrow using a single pin. It’s ironic only because I wasn’t what...

Meet Brantley

I wasn’t into team sports as a kid, and to this day, don’t care much about watching them on TV. I had good buddies, but whether or not I hung out with them after school was of no real consequence to me. Hunting, for whatever was in season, was the...