Easton's Newest Carbon Arrow -- the BloodLine Realtree


Easton introduces its newest carbon arrow, the BloodLine Realtree. Providing the combination of kinetic energy and speed needed to take down big game, the BloodLine Realtree carbon arrow is a great choice for a hunter looking for a high quality all-purpose arrow.

The BloodLine Realtree’s lightweight carbon construction and low-profile H series 6mm diameter combines the ideal balance of high-intensity speed and carbon-structured strength, to create the industry-leading, reduced-diameter, high-velocity camo arrow. H diameter decreases drag, increases kinetic energy density and improves penetration, while lightweight high-modulus carbon flattens trajectory. The BloodLine Realtree carbon arrow is made in Easton’s Utah facility and comes factory crested with a pre-installed red H Nock. The BloodLine Realtree has a straightness of ± .003” and includes the HP insert designed by Easton to provide greater point precision and accuracy than a standard RPS inserts. Easton Multi-Points and RPS Points are sold separately. 

  • Factory crested
  • Pre-installed red H Nocks
  • HP inserts - included
  • High-strength, carbon nanotube N-FUSED® fibers
  • Straightness: ± .003"
  • Realtree® Xtra Camo