Game Winner by Academy Sports & Outdoors

Manufactured by Academy Sports & Outdoors


When you’re looking for the advantage, look no further than Game Winner apparel by Academy. Game Winner is always your best partner when hunting. Whether you’re looking to stay cool and quiet or to simply block your scent, Game Winner’s got you covered. Game Winner is available exclusively at Academy Sports + Outdoors and Game Winner delivers innovative and durable products thanks to its countless technological advances.


  • Dura-Block™ technology is a scent-inhibiting fabric powered by X-Odor® Technology. X-Odor® is a revolutionary yarn technology, featuring activated carbon as well as nano-silver fibers that provide scent-controlling protection for the life of the garment. This technology will not wash out and needs no reactivation to keep working.
  • Dura-Cool™ technology features ultra-light material that wicks moisture away from your body for maximum comfort and breathability.
  • Dura-Flex™ technology features a durable material that is designed to allow maximum range of motion in the areas that hunters need most.
  • Dura-Heat™ technology features cold-climate material meant for layering. It helps to keep cold air out and to prevent body heat from escaping.
  • Dura-Repel™ technology repels water keeping you dry and comfortable on your hunting adventures.
  • Dura-Proof™ technology gives you three layers of protection, creating a waterproof and breathable system which keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • Dura-Soft™ technology features durable 100% cotton material designed for the ultimate in comfort on your next hunt.
  • Dura-Stealth™ technology features scent-inhibiting and noise-reducing attributes that help keep you concealed during your hunt.
  • Dura-Stop™ technology helps to block wind and keeps you warm and comfortable during your hunt.

Game Winner products include: