Gamehide’s ElimiTick Apparel Line in Realtree Xtra

Manufactured by Gamehide


Gamehide’s proven ElimiTick line of clothing provides peace of mind for spring turkey hunters by repelling ticks and other annoying insects. Offering convenient tick protection in a Cover Up Pant and Cover Up Jacket, the ElimiTick line is made from lightweight, quiet Hush Hide fabric.

Forget harmful sprays, now you can protect yourself from ticks, chiggers and mosquitos by simply wearing ElimiTick clothing with Insect Shield technology. The long-lasting repellent ingredient is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers, it lasts the expected life of the product. There is no special care required, and the garments will protect you from the nasty insects for the entire life of the garment – all you have to do is simply wear them.

Available in Realtree Xtra, the tick-prevention apparel is Ideal for warm-weather hunts, but offers slide-over insulated layers for those cool spring mornings. To top it off, the ElimiTick technology is odorless, so big-game hunters can wear it without worrying about detection as well. 

There were more than 300,000 tick-related illnesses reported in the US last year. The threat of debilitating sickness is real, so every turkey hunter needs to take precautions when heading into the field. 

Keep your mind on the longbeards and off of the ticks and insects when wearing ElimiTick.