New Realtree EDGE® Camo Pattern Combines Proven Concealment with Modern Design Elements

Manufactured by Realtree

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Camo pattern leader Realtree® introduces its most pioneering pattern to date — Realtree EDGE®. This new pattern embraces distinctive qualities designed to disrupt the human form while sticking to its roots by offering realistic natural elements that ensure unmatched concealment. 

“The new Realtree EDGE pattern is unique in its design and arrangement,” said Realtree President Bill Jordan. “This pattern features an abstract background with realistic limbs and leaves in the foreground to allow for seamless concealment in a variety of hunting environments. Leaves of varying shades and colors create a random pattern, and a variety of crisscrossing branches with highlights and shadows disrupt the vertical silhouette of the human shape.”

Lately the claim of so many camo patterns developed in this digital world is that disruption of the human form is more important than blending into the hunting environment. Realtree EDGE is the only pattern that accomplishes both with natural features that match the hunter’s surroundings arranged in a way that erases the human form.

Learn more about new Realtree EDGE camouflage at And, as always, be sure to FIND THE ANTLER logo within the pattern to make sure you’re purchasing the world’s most effective and trusted camo patterns.