Realtree Camo Rear Seat Protection


Available in Realtree MAX-5, APG and Xtra, Realtree Rear Seat Protection sold by ProMaster Parts is ideal for hunters who want to show off a love for the sport inside their vehicle, while protecting the rear bench seat from their dog's scratching claws or muddy paws. This protective cover is highly durable and universal, making it suitable for vehicles of all different shapes and sizes.

Multi-purpose and Multi-Functional

Originally created as a protective device for your car interior from messy pets, this multi-functioning product now has many uses as a result of its durability. These covers can be used to protect your car interior from fishing devices, hunting gear, work tools, heavy-duty equipment or most perilous of all -- the mucky, scrambling feet of children after a day spent outdoors.

Quality and Comfort

This protective cover is not only comfortable and versatile, but it provides the following safety features for your convenience:

  • Water resistance
  • DWR top coat and PVC undercoat
  • Four season suitability
  • Durable Atomic material
  • Easy to install
  • Machine washable
  • Camo series
  • 600 denier polyester
  • Airbag safety tested

Priced at only $90.99 USD, this seat cover will keep your vehicle looking pristine and safe from dirt or damage for years to come. And, best of all, it includes all of the features listed above without the high price tag.