Realtree EDGE Camo AccuBow Bundle Package

Manufactured by AccuBow


The No.1 archery training system in the world, the AccuBow, available in Realtree EDGE camo, boasts a revolutionary design with the ability to enhance your abilities as an archer and bowhunter. Not only can the AccuBow help you increase your bow strength, bow poundage, holding stability, stamina and allow you to work on your technique, but you can also now shoot interactively – no arrow required. This means you can take your archery training and bowhunting preparations anywhere, anytime - no matter your circumstances. This is especially useful for when shooting your bow is simply not an option.

Simply download the AccuBow app, attach you phone mount and start shooting. Whether you are hanging out at hunting camp, watching ‘Realtree Monster Bucks’ in the living room, traveling on the road, or stuck inside due to bad weather, the AccuBow bow trainer is a must-have. The archery community also uses this product for injury-rehabilitation purposes.

The AccuBow’s proprietary design allows you to adjust the poundage from 10 to 70 pounds with the simple turn of a hand-operated “AccuDial”. Build your strength and poundage gradually without risking injury. 

With this exclusive package you will be fully set up with everything you need to take advantage of the AccuBow archery training device, as well as the revolutionary virtual archery app. This archery training device is suitable for kids and adults, alike. Whether you are a beginning archer or an expert bowhunter, with the AccuBow you can take your archery training anywhere, anytime.