Realtree Half-Ton Lift-Assist and Swivel Hauler by OxCart

Manufactured by OxCart


The Realtree Half-Ton Lift-Assist and Swivel Hauler will be the last pull-behind utility dump trailer you’ll ever need to buy. Ideal for the farmer, rancher or hunter who is looking to save both time and his back, this 12 cu. half-ton hauler features a hydraulic lift-assist tub to make handling heavy loads up to 90% easier.

Most other utility dump trailers are formed metal frames designed with a center dump pivot point that causes them to dump like teeter-totters. Such a design requires you to strain to lift and dump heavy loads and risk losing control as the load shifts. But, not the OxCart, which combines a rear offset dump pivot point for greater control and the hydraulic-assisted tub lift for easier heavy-load handling. The cart also features 20% more lift-assist force and the tub swivels 55° to either side.

Tires are multi-terrain 4-PLY commercial-grade pneumatics with Run-Flat Technology. Thanks to this smart lift-assist and swivel design, you can fill it to the max knowing you'll handle heavy loads easier and more efficiently.

The Realtree Half-Ton Lift-Assist and Swivel Hauler is now available at select Orscheln locations across the US for a limited time.


• Exclusive hydraulic lift-assist tub makes handling heavy loads up to 90% easier

• 20% more lift-assist force

• Tub swivels 55° to either side

• Load-tested to 1100 lbs. Professional-grade all-square-tube steel construction. 2-inch NASCAR roll-cage-designed full mandrel bent pass-thru axle support for max strength and high clearance. Powder-coat finish.

• Multi-terrain 4-PLY commercial-grade pneumatic tires with run-flat technology that self-seals most punctures instantly before losing any air

• Assembles in 10 to 15 min. Attaches to any ATV, ZTR or tractor with a pin-hole hitch.

• See Farm-Grade Wheelbarrow Conversion Kit accessory for an all-in-one push or tow behind convertible dump cart for heavy hauling feed, seed, game, gear, gravel, seed, fencing and firewood. (Model # GTM0202)