Realtree Smokers by Bradley Smoker

Manufactured by Bradley Smoker


Bradley Smoker now offers a 4-rack and 6-rack smoker in Realtree Xtra camo. Ideal for outdoorsmen and women, the Bradley Smoker is perfect for a backyard, cabin or hunt camp.

Fully automatic smoke means you don't have to constantly refill the smoker with chips. The stainless-steel interior and magnetic door ensure easy clean-up and keep the smoke contained. The fully insulated cabinet and door keeps the heat in and prevents heat damage to surrounding surfaces. The versatile cooking design allows you to cook with or without smoke or smoke with or without heat. Simply turn it on, load it with wood and set the temperature. It's that easy!

The smoker's easy-to-use jerky racks and sausage hooks makes it the perfect way to end any hunting trip.

Features at a glance:

  • Fully Automatic Smoke  -- No need to babysit your smoker, refilling it with chips constantly. Simply load it with Bradley Flavor Bisquettes® and smoke for up to nine hours.
  • Practical Design -- Stainless-steel interior and a magnetic door seal for easy clean-up, and to keep the smoke where it’s supposed to be.
  • Fully Insulated -- Insulation in the entire cabinet and door keeps heat in, but also lets you use your smoker wherever you like without the risk of heat damage to surrounding surfaces.
  • Versatile Cooking -- Bradley Smokers have two heat elements: One for the oven heat and one solely to create smoke. Cook with or without smoke, or smoke with or without heat. Your smoker can even become a cold smoker, an oven or a dehydrator.
  • Easy to use -- Turn it on, load it with wood and set the temperature.
  • Ideal for Jerky or Sausages -- Comes with four or six non-stick jerky racks and four sausage hooks.
  • Warranty -- One year warranty included.