Realtree Xtra AmmoTennas by Metra Electronics

Manufactured by Metra Electronics


Realtree Xtra AmmoTennas by Metra Electronics are ideal for people who are passionate about hunting, guns, the outdoors and their vehicles.

Outdoor enthusiasts can customize their vehicles with an antenna that is a replica of a .50 caliber bullet that is  hydro dipped in the Realtree Xtra pattern. The replacement antenna is designed for AM/FM radio bands and vehicles with removable masts, using threaded mounting. It's easy to install and works with most vehicles with detachable roof- or fender-mount antennas, and fits most factory antenna bases. Multiple adapters are included to fit different vehicle makes and models.

AmmoTenna is a line of automotive antenna masts from Metra Electronics and available from distributors, retailers and automotive customization shops across North America. Visit for more information and to download a catalog of the replica antennas.


  • Designed for AM/FM radio bands
  • Easy Installation
  • Fits most factory antenna bases
  • Multiple adapters included to fit different makes and models
  • Designed for vehicles with removable masts
  • Replacement antenna
  • Made with Billet Aluminum
  • Threaded mounting
  • Non Lethal Replica

AmmoTenna Retail Package features:

  • Eye catching packaging shaped like a bullet
  • Consistent sizes for easy planogram
  • Theft-resistant thermoform clamshell
  • Centered product for balance while hanging
  • Easy-to-read bold identifiers
  • Includes all adapters