Rocky SilentHunter Scent IQ Mask Jacket in Realtree Xtra

Manufactured by Rocky Brands, Inc.


Rocky RAM Mask Jacket in Realtree Xtra is loaded with unique technology designed to meet a hunter's specific needs. This piece features all of the essentials like Rocky Scent IQ Atomic®, which destroys scent at the microbial level to control your chance of being winded. In addition, body mapped insulation keeps your core warm and insulated while keeping your arms cool and flexible so you won't overheat on the hike to your stand.

Reliable Realtree Xtra camouflage ensures concealment in the woods. What you can’t see, however, is the built-in mask stored in the hood, which is stowed safely away for comfort as you walk to or from your stand, but is attached and easy to access to conceal you once you’re in your spot. No more dropping your mask from the stand with the RAM mask jacket.