ThermaSeat Infusion Realtree Xtra Camo Cushion

Manufactured by ThermaSeat


Sit it comfort and hunt longer with the ThermaSeat Infusion Realtree Xtra Camo Cushion. The Infusion’s three-layer design includes everything you need to stay warm and dry, which are imperative for a successful day afield.

Each seat contains:

  • A thermal barrier: A ⅜-inch layer of Softek™ closed-cell foam for maximum heat retention
  • A comfort barrier: 1⅝ inches of premium, furniture-grade urethane Comfotek™ foam
  • An earth barrier: A 1-inch layer of rigid, closed-cell foam that protects your backside from the cold, wet ground

Plus, each Infusion seat is covered with waterproof, polyurethane-coated fabric “SilentTouch™”, adding another layer of protection. This fabric is freeze-proof and won’t get hard in sub-zero temps.


  • Aluminum carabiner clip makes it easy to carry
  • Premium-grade foam for professional-grade performance
  • Waterproof SilentTouch™ fabric (polyurethane-coated) for extra protection
  • Freeze-proof design won’t get hard when the temperatures fall
  • Lightweight and built to last a lifetime
  • Breathable mesh for added comfort
  • Military-grade hardware, webbing and rubber coated non-slip base