Thompson Center Encore Muzzleloader


This Thompson Center Encore muzzleloader combines the advanced features of the Pro Hunter rifle with Thompson/Center’s solid reputation for durability and performance in the field. Separating it from the other muzzleloaders in the line, the Pro Hunter FX, available in Realtree AP ™, is standard with a fixed .50 caliber barrel that is not interchangeable with other barrel configurations. Instead, the muzzleloader sports a 26-inch fluted barrel with patented QLA® (Quick Load Accurizer) for enhanced accuracy.

The FlexTech™ stock and forend greatly improve the muzzleloader’s handling and recoil reduction system. Inside the FlexTech stock, four Energy Burners, along with the recoil pad, allow the stock to slightly compress when firing, helping to reduce felt recoil by forty-two percent.

Additional features of the Pro Hunter FX muzzleloader include the Speed Breech® 3, a new triple-lead hand-removable breech plug.  Through the use of the anti-seize Speed Breech 3, no tools are required for removal, allowing shooters to take out the breech plug by hand. The new muzzleloader is also standard with fiber optic sights, along with a Swing Hammer® that can be conveniently positioned toward either side of the frame, enabling easier access to the hammer once an optic has been mounted.

To protect the muzzleloader against inclement weather, Thompson/Center has added its tough-as-nails finish, Weather Shield®. When applied to the barrel, receiver and other critical parts, the Weather Shield adds an extra level of protection against corrosion, extending the durability and lifetime of each muzzleloader. Weighing in at seven pounds, the Pro Hunter FX measures 42 ½ inches in overall length and features a 14-inch length-of-pull.