TNT T-REX® PRO Treestand in Realtree EDGE Camo

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Weighing in at just 21 pounds, the TNT T-REX® self-climber in Realtree EDGE camo, is a stand-up/sit-down style all-aluminum stand that features True North's new patent-pending "T-REX” toothed dual-cable design and the Rapid Claw attachment system. This cable design, which allows it to be used with or without the T-REX® teeth, provides a balanced point of weight distribution across both cables, which prevents the teeth of the cable from rolling over, when in use. These teeth bite aggressively when engaged into the tree bark, but they release effortlessly for smooth climbing. The toothed cable also reduces the threat of the treestand sliding.

In addition, contrary to single-cable designs which offer minuscule contact with the tree, the dual-cable design, when used without the T-REX® teeth, once again offers a more even distribution of weight across both cables, which leads to a far superior contact with the tree.

The Rapid Claw attachment system allows hook-up time to be seconds, thanks to turn knob locking spring pins.

The T-Rex® foot platform, which measures 22 inces wide x 32 1⁄2 inches deep, consists of T-REX “Scaly Skin” expanded metal, that is fully welded at all contact points, for a completely solid, completely silent, one-piece structure. Once reaching your desired climbing height, two LD cam buckle straps are used to lock the climber in place for rock-solid, and secure performance.

This extra-large self-climbing stand, which was designed with the bowhunter in mind, offers an easy push-back, superior-comfort suspended padded seat in the Realtree EDGE pattern, which when pushed back, permits use of the entire platform, and provides everything needed for safe, quiet, and comfortable hunts over your preferred hunting site. The stand folds flat to 6” for easy packing.


  • Weight - 21 Pounds
  • Aluminum Construction 
  • T-Rex® Cable System 
  • 22 inches Wide x 32 1⁄2 inches Deep Scaly Skin® Expanded Platform